"...From the first whistle everything went wrong. I just want to apologize to the fans. They’re the only people with the badge on today who can hold their head high, because we can't..." ... See MoreSee Less

...From the first whistle everything went wrong. I just want to apologize to the fans. They’re the only people with the badge on today who can hold their head high, because we cant...


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Truth. I always appreciate his honesty, I just hope he’s able to motivate this lot behind closed doors. Today was uninspired and unacceptable, everyone on that pitch was capable of better.

Terrible game but is the second game he lost at the premier league so please stop complaining we not always we gonna win by the way he’s doing way better then mourino

Play the u23s the rest of the year. Bleed the youth.

Don't understand why Pogba came back, he only plays when he feels like it and he is a quality player he proved that in the World cup. Pogba puzzles me. And the whole defense needs to be replaced maybe keep Shaw

Remember when Jose said certain players aren’t good enough?

He's correct, that was an awful performance. I hope that he's channeling his inner Sir Alex and reading the riot act to the team.

Absolutely sad performance, you don't want to wear the United kit go play somewhere else the whole team a joke

I.m starting to wonder. What if pochinnino

That's fine but what will be done to correct it?

That's the leader and accountability we've been missing for 6 years

Sell the French

Pogba is the cancer

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[Match Report] Premier League | Everton 4 United 0 bit.ly/2IxXIad ... See MoreSee Less

[Match Report] Premier League | Everton 4 United 0 http://bit.ly/2IxXIad


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Can’t believe I actually woke up at 5:30am to watch this nonsense

Premier League | Everton 4 United 0 ... See MoreSee Less

Premier League | Everton 4 United 0


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Remember that one time Jose said that finishing second last year was one of his greatest achievements?

Lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love it. Greetings from Ecuador. Hope y’all don’t miss Antonio Valencia.

Our season was over after that PSG comeback, wtf has happened??

One SOG and it was in the 88th minute 🀷🏼‍♂️. 2-6 since Ole took over officially

Bring on new players! Horrible game, no offense, need new front line, and get rid of those pink jerseys

So sorry these players had to play a match today. Every player who saw the pitch clearly had other things to do today and couldn’t be bothered to play. Pathetic!!!

For all that money that's out on the pitch. The lack of effort was embarrassing. Sack them all

I have seen second graders give more effort playing kickball. Disgraceful amount of effort by the whole squad. Matic should be dropped today. So tired of watching guys just jog around while the other team sprints.

Completely pathetic 😑 zero effort on the pitch today πŸ˜’

Sell the lot. Promote the kids. I’d rather watch the kids play the rest of the year than watch these overpaid players put in half effort (looking at you, Matic) and slump their shoulders when things don’t go their way (looking at you, Pogba and Martial). Bonus would be Ole could see what kids could start next year. And if someone could remind Rashford that he isn’t David Beckham, that would be great. We’re all tired of him sending free kicks into the parking lot.

Almost ALL the above comment(s) are true..... As a long Time Football and United Supporter we used to be the only Club anyone in the United States could name....especially with the likes of Beckham, Giggs & CR7.... Now here in Metro Detroit I see Liverpool & Citeh kits more than United. We are on the decline for YEARS Now and need to CLEAR CUT the side..... Get a Flipping Dir of Football Keep Woodward OUT of the Football side.... Bring up the Academy players Spend 300-400 Million

Remember when Mourinho said one of his greatest achievements in football was finishing second with this Man Utd squad and we all laughed? Yeah, that.

Literally the worst performance by the reds that I’ve seen. Yes, worse than some of the bowlers against man city. This was a total lack of effort.

Where was the skills? I didn't see more then 2 good passes strung together. Where's the hunger? Too much walking off the ball. Nobody moving to the passing lanes

Disgusting. 75% of this squad needs to be sold... pathetic. We’re gonna get destroyed on Wednesday 🀦🏽‍♂️

What in the hell was that?


Very nice

Should send the kids in against city. At least we’ll contribute to preventing Liverpool from winning a title.

Ole is at the wheel


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Absolutely embarrassing and pathetic. No offense and no defense. Ole is correct in saying that some players need a reality check.

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