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[Match Preview] Everton v United http://bit.ly/2vaasuM

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Who Should Stay? Who Should Go? http://bit.ly/2v7zHOf


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Matthew Shinn

Young out, Fred maybe stay if Herrera how’s, Phil stay but hopefully not as a starter but more of a rotation player and Matic go. De Gea and Paul will probably go if United does not play Champions league next year

Fred and De Gea

Young can stay as depth since he can play behind both Shaw and Dalot. Alexis, Lukaku, Matic, Smalling, Jones, Darmian, Rojo, Valencia can all go. Pogba if the offer is right can go. The top priorities should be a fullback, quality defenders, and a creative midfielder to take some pressure off Pogba (assuming Pogba stays)

Pogba and Sanchez for sure. While you’re at it, don’t spare the lazy guys... Martial, Lingard, etc. invest in younger guys and get ball playing defenders i.e. Harry Maguire, etc.

Can't get rid of Pogba just need someone his caliber or close to play along side of him.. Please get rid of young bring in a boss cdm and an actual winger

Keep lingard, let lulaku go, let fred go. Keep Rojo and Jones, they do the most work at the back. Valencia keep for sub, let sanchez darmien and dalot go. Keep Matic, he is still strong in the middle. Mata is ? for me. We need Rashy Martial and Lingard to be front 3. Keep DeGea, no brainer.

Lukaku and Sanchez are just taking up space and have to go. Matic is a master handler who is valuable to any team so he has to stay.

Jones, Young, Sanchez and Lukaku need to go

To go: Valencia, Darmian, Young, Baily, Rojo, Fred, Pereira, Sanchez.

Painful to watch Matic. Please go!!

Get rid of Pogba, Fred and Sanchez... buy young hungry players or invest the money on the youth academy, players who actually care if the team wins or looses, not players that only care about getting paid

Go - Young, Valencia, Sanchez, Jones, Rojo, Mata, Darmian, Lukaku? Matic? Lingard? Stay - De Gea, Pogba, Shaw, Smalling, Martial, Fred, Dalot, Rashford, McTominay, Lukaku? Matic? Lingard? We need to clear house!

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