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Assessing United’s Next Club Captain


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DeGea: he’s our best player, demands others around him do their bit, owns his mistakes, works hard everyday, automatic selection if healthy, & gives him incentive to stay. While Pogba would likely have to be the alternate, to keep him happy, my second choice would actually be Lindelof. Shaw & Rashy to round it out.

My pick would be the iceman really seems like a great leader

Young for sure..

None of them should be captain

Hand Herrera a better contract, and give him the armband!

None of them, for sure! 👎🏽

Definitely JLingz

Is stick with Young


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Why The Solskjaer Euphoria Died ... See MoreSee Less

Why The Solskjaer Euphoria Died


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I’m still a believer.It’s a cycle, this wasn’t the first time the club went through the same thing, but the club always recover and always gets back on top, we are just waiting for that 1 special player that will start the new dynasty.

Neville is right. As I've been saying for years, the problems at the club run deeper than the manager's position. If two all-time greats in LVG and Mourinho failed, then Ole has no chance at succeeding unless the structural rot is addressed. It begins with getting rid of Ed Woodward.

Ole is what we needed, as long as the whole club is facing the same direction we can be beautiful. It’s like after a long term breakup (fergie) you run through to see what you might be into (van gross) then you go back to what you love. We need to clean house.

It’s died cause he’s started rotating the side to understand what he needs and doesn’t need for next season. If he’d kept his opening starting 11 and the regular side he began with, we’d know nothing.

We need a world class striker, it is proven time and time again that Martial, Rashford, Lukaku cannot be trusted to lead the front line. We need an overhaul from strikers to defenders!

Herrera got hurt

It's not dead with me... #OLEOLE!! It takes a red devil to understand how to make United thrive!!

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