[Match Report] Carabao Cup | United 2 Derby 2 bit.ly/2N1XPZs ... See MoreSee Less

[Match Report] Carabao Cup | United 2 Derby 2 http://bit.ly/2N1XPZs

Carabao Cup | United 2 (Mata 3, Fellaini 95) Derby 2 (PK: 7-8) ... See MoreSee Less

Carabao Cup | United 2 (Mata 3, Fellaini 95) Derby 2 (PK: 7-8)


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4.9 on the App Store. Get in there!

Bring on young boys again . Will show the world we are top team 😂

Awkward bizzaro world moment when the Union are playing like United of old and vice versa.....

Phil Jones at his best yet again. Why is this guy still at the club? Jose’s days are numbered. He’s lost the dressing room. Nobody on that pitch except Dalot & Fred wanted to play for Jose today.

Too many negativity throughout the club. From ownership to players/coaches to fans. Need change through and through and not just the manager or some players.

Jones was bought to be a sub for Rio or Vidic how is he still in EPL? He is MLS at most


Unbelievable, and yet entirely expected at the same time. What a mess.


None of the guys want to play for Jose any longer. We’ve become a joke 🤦🏽‍♂️

If Jose had played kids I would be more willing to give that a pass but it was a strong lineup...embarrassing

Jose gotta go !!!


More comic relief from Jose and the boys

It’s Hard to watch.... Honestly.



Deni Kočiev Znaes li koj e trener na derby

Just get that moron sacked, total game of shame, look for another club to defend with

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