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ESPN+ will present Luton Town FC v Manchester United on Tuesday at 3:15pm (Eastern Time) ... See MoreSee Less

ESPN+ will present Luton Town FC v Manchester United on Tuesday at 3:15pm (Eastern Time)

[Match Report] Premier League | United 1 Crystal Palace 3 ... See MoreSee Less

[Match Report] Premier League | United 1 Crystal Palace 3

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Spot on Maguire and Lindelof are shite he should be benched he don't deserve the captain arm band at all OGS is not a coach he has no tactics makes terrible decisions every time

Pathetic showing. They're all out of room for excuses.

No Matic=3 goals



Match report: we have terrible center backs, strikers that don’t want to create anything for themselves, and ownership that refuses to do anything about it as long as the noodle sponsors are happy.

Another year of not bringing in world class players and the same shit results. Wake up Woodward

The clubs problems go deep and unless we want to be Liverpool and not win for 30 years EVERYTHING has to change

Unfortunately Liverpool are closer to that 20th than Man Utd closing the gap on leaders. Maguire has been terrible. All english players are overrated and he is no difference. Likes of Chelsea and Man City kept spending £50m on CBs and guess we need to cut our loss too. Lindelof is bad, Luke Shaw not so great, Bailey, Rojo are rash and injury prone, Smalling is best of the bunch. We basically need to change entire backline except AWB. Coming to the midfield - Matic, Fred, Mctominay and Perreira are at best squad players and not going to set alight anything let alone win trophies. Brings us to Bruno and Van de Beek, both are good but very similar nevertheless should start. Pogba is an enigma, still waiting for him to click in to gear but he is still our best midfielder. We need some reinforcements in the midfield to complement those three. I wouldnt mind selling Pogba if that helps us get some better players to play alongside Bruno and Van de Beek. The front three - Rashford unfortunately is becoming another Wellbeck. He has not been great since restart, he is also coming back from big injury so clearly needs rest. Greenwood should not be our savior as it would be too much to expect. Hope Martial can improve upon last season. Sancho would be very similar to the three we already have so not sure if we should really be signing him. I think what we really need is a CF who can score 20+ in league consistently. Certainly not like Lukaku but someone who is like current front three but more efficient in scoring goals.


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Premier League | United 1 (van de Beek 80) Crystal Palace 3 ... See MoreSee Less

Premier League | United 1 (van de Beek 80) Crystal Palace 3

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Just turned on replay of man united on peacock? I just saw this score! F$ck this! Glad I didn’t waste my late night on this sh$t show!

Different year, same exact issues. We just need to face facts. We’ll never be the club we should be until Woodward and the Glazers are gone. United are just a piggy bank for them. 🔰

Why didn’t we place with the sense of urgency we placed with towards the last 15 minutes? It bothers me that we were so casual through out the game even after conceding in the first 7 mins of the game. Somethings have to change for sure. That center back role needs some fixing ASAP.

Massive step back from the end of last season. Ole wanted “consistency” losing at home to Palace seems to be becoming consistent 🙄

Friendly Reminder....Glazers own Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL...they are gonna put even more money into them since they got Tom Brady so...don’t expect more transfers coming in to booster the squad....let’s just hope we finish top 5 again this year

Fucking sloppy. Miserable. Deadwood needs to get his head out of his ass and get some signings in. That team won’t make it out of the Champions League group stage.

Since overachieving and getting 3rd place got us nowhere as a club, how about if we loose and get relegated this season, Will the Glazers finally abandon us? If so, is it worth it in the long run....What is sad is that I'm not sure anymore.

Anyone catch Leeds this morning? They are going to clown us in a couple months.

Dortmund started 3 players today that should be at Old Trafford if we had proper management.

Poor defense and passing...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry 😂😭🤣. Silver lining? Early reality check!

They looked like crap

Absolute disgrace! Why would you post this?!!

Pathetic. Completely pathetic.

We’re about 10 years away from challenging for the title... Galzers and their puppet Woodward have crushed any hope we had. Ole takes responsibility for today’s pathetic showing as well: 1) should’ve started VDB. He was excellent. 2) Don’t understand why he keeps playing Lindelof! A CB getting bullied by a twig like Zaha is a HUGE sign! This consistently happens. Gosh, play Bailly at least!

At this moment anything other than that those two clowns Lindoff and Mcguire would be an upgrade.... Put in Bailly and Smalling instead

I didn't waste my time watching this but I'm curious...was the starting XI Ole pulling a Jose? He's not gonna be nearly as blunt as Jose but was he basically saying I need more? Thank goodness my local boys Lou City are on fire and at home tonight. I can look forward to some proper football

Please don't lose hope after this performance. Remember we had won so many trophies when Mason Greenwood didn't know what a Miss Universe is? How many clubs can say they have a manager who can tell you story of a goal he scored before Mason was born. Greatest coolaid salesman drowning us inch by inch...#GGMU

that was a straight up pathetic lazy excuse of a season opener if I've seen one 🤦🏼‍♂️ just absolute shit! almost every United player looked like they were going through the motions, no real urgency to score, or barely even shoot the ball on target, slow sloppy play in the midfield, lazy.defense, just an ugly game that I had to watch on a steaming service I dont really even want. 😡

Woodward is a Twat and the Glazers are even bigger Twats (giving a marketing executive who knows nothing about football, this job). The Glazers don't care about the club, it's long history, and the fans. They only care how much money they can squeeze out of it. Sancho is a good player, but why is he the top priority? A good center back, to play along side Maguire should be the top priority. That's the weakest link in the team right now! Lindelof should NOT even be on the team sheet! The idiot was responsible for all 3 goals today

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